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It's simple...  ESPY Hair offers exquisite wigs and hairpieces. 

We began operations in 2005 in a beautiful boutique in Beverly Hills, California.  After 10 years, we amassed a cult following around the globe and decided to close our retail store to better serve clients online.  We ship worldwide. We also offer custom color and style services. Send us a photo of the color and style you want and we will help you achieve it with one of our amazing wigs or hairpieces. Guaranteed.

If you want hair for weaving, you've come to the right place.  Our natural human hair is imported from around the world, mainly India.  Of course we aren’t the only suppliers of Indian hair but we do claim, however, to be one of the few to impose strict guidelines on what is acceptable.  We demand excellence from our suppliers.  That means you’ll never have to worry about our hair becoming matted or unmanageable.  And, we hate thin, skimpy ends so we offer special drawn hair to help you achieve natural, healthy-looking styles.   

At ESPY, we believe hair has seductive powers.  We live in a culture where women are partly judged by the way they look.  That may not be fair but it's true.  When it comes to feminine beauty, hair takes center stage.  Let us help you get your hair together so you can be the woman you were meant to be.  You'll be better prepared to navigate in a society where beauty is held in such high regards. Our mission is to enhance your confidence by helping you Have the Hair You Want. 

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