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The trends of women’s hair continue to change overtime. Women go through great lengths to impress men with a new and improve hairstyle.   Sometimes we put in extensions, seeking compliments and admiration for our long or thick hair, but become weary about our choice when our significant other wants to run his fingers through our hair. Other times we take a risk and cut it all off for a fresh start and begin to second-guess our decision the moment any man chooses our long hair friend our short snazzy cut.


While some women choose only to wear their hair long (natural or extensions) there has been more mainstream acceptance of black women with short hair than there has been in a long while. Thanks celebrities such as Halle Berry, Rihanna, and Keri Hilson, a short cut that was once worn after a style gone bad, or supremely damaged hair is now being worn by choice and often providing liberation for women everywhere. Some men say they prefer the short and natural cuts over extensions, but often times don’t realize that some short cuts are extensions.


With all the secrets behind African American women and their hair and the constant change in trends we began to ask ourselves “what do men really want?” Then we decided to go on a Twitter and Facebook rant and find out from men of all ages what they thought about women and their hair choices. We asked if they preferred it long or short, curly or straight, natural or extensions and the response was enlightening.


What we have found to be true is that most men don’t actually care either way, as long as whatever style you choose to wear looks nice and presentable; A style that gives you confidence, grace, and looks natural even if its not. The men interviewed seemed to all have preference for a variety of different styles and not one style made more acclaim than any other. Although, some had stark differences in their opinions the overall response was geared to how the woman carries herself overall. One guy said “Hair is all in the attitude” while another said, “as long as it is done and looks nice, I don’t care.”


So ladies, if you are trying to decide your next hair style, but your unsure how it will be received, remember it is not really about what men want, but about what you feel confident in. You want your style to reflect you & your personality and ultimately compliment your face & body type.



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