How Do You Like Your Man's Hair?

How Do You Like Your Man's Hair?

At ESPY Hair we are passionate about helping women get the hair they want. We will blog, and tweet all day about women in their daily lives with fabulous hair and an attitude to match, but there is one thing we haven’t addressed. How do we feel about the hair of our significant others'.

We're just wondering, are we as picky about our man’s hairstyle as we are about our own? Do you have trouble getting your man to try something new that you know will look great on him? Most men get a style that is easy and works well for them, but will never consider the many options they have. From being bald to swinging dreads to rocking a clean cut taper, men have an array of choices. On top of that, each style can be accompanied by a beard, mustache or goatee, which can add a completely different flavor.



When we asked women what their preferences were, everyone’s responses varied. It really depended on the man, and the shape of his head (very important). Just like for women, every style is not for every man. As long as the man is confident in his style, and keeps a clean line-up I think the sparks will still fly. But if you’re man is suggesting new styles for you, get creative and suggest a new one for him.


If he doesn’t want a new style, we guess you can stick to getting him a new shirt and tie. Because for men, it might honestly be more about the clothes they wear, rather than how they comb their hair. Lol

 But how many of you love the beards?

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